Southport Central Physio & Sports Injury Clinic

Southport Central Physio and Sports Injury Clinic exists to provide solutions for patients suffering with pain associated with wear and tear and overuse syndrome injuries. We apply our expertise combined with a problem-solving approach to determine the activities that are causing pain and provide treatment and education on improving the condition or injury.

We welcome athletes, office workers and the elderly on the Gold Coast who would like a comprehensive diagnosis and individually tailored treatment plan.

Southport Central Physio

Southport Central Physio's Difference

At Southport Central Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic we are committed to achieving optimal outcomes for the following symptoms resulting from overuse:

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As experienced physiotherapists in Southport, we understand our patient’s frustrations and the impact symptoms can have on their careers and general well-being.  We want you to know that we are here to support you through your recovery from effective physiotherapy.

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As Your Trusted Local Southport Physio, We Treat:

Southport Central Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic has a special interest in treating a variety of general wear and tear and overuse injuries. Below you will find information on some of the more common conditions we treat. To view a full list of the conditions, click here

Back Pain

Restricted Mobility

Neck Pain

Muscle Weakness

Hip Pain

Limb Numbness

Knee & Leg Pain

Shoulder and Arm Pain


Overuse injuries can impact your career and lifestyle. If you’re looking for treatment for recurring pain and you are in the Gold Coast or Southport Area, contact us here

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